Since 1990 Valsoia recommends health and wellbeing

Research and Development Valsoia laboratories have been studying cutting-edge solutions forever to improve our well-being and quality of life.

Valsoia was founded with the aim of exploiting the exceptional nutritional properties of soya to offer valid healthy eating solutions to the growing demand for wellness and wellbeing.


Today’s product offering extends from soya-based alternatives to  drinks, ice creams, yogurts, desserts, biscuits, ready-meal dishes, cheeses and condiments branded Valsoia.

All our products are in line with the Italian dietary tradition. They are all healthy, high-quality products that are ideal for all the family, covering every moment in the day from breakfast to dinner and healthy snacks. And all treat the senses to the simplicity of real flavour that comes from careful preparation, benefiting from the experience of leading health experts.


Valsoia is distributed in Italy in all major supermarkets and in European countries

In 2006 Valsoia was listed on the stock exchange as part of the modernisation and growth of the company.


All in all, ours is a typically Italian story, combining the pleasures of life with a commitment to improving quality of life through innovation and creativity, ongoing investment in research and development and – last but not least - investments to support our products and brands.

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