Listening to music helps you sleep?

Music is often used as a self-help tool to alleviate insomnia. To evaluate the effect of bedtime music listening as a strategy for improving insomnia, we conducted an assessor-blinded randomized controlled trial. The primary outcome measure was the Insomnia Severity Index. In addition, we used polysomnography and actigraphy to evaluate objective measures of sleep, and assessed sleep quality and quality of life. The results showed no clear effect of music on insomnia symptoms as the group × time interaction only approached significance (effect size = 0.71, p = .06), though there was a significant improvement in insomnia severity within the music group. With regard to the secondary outcomes, we found a significant effect of the music intervention on perceived sleep improvement and quality of life, but no changes in the objective measures of sleep. In conclusion, music listening at bedtime appears to have a positive impact on sleep perception and quality of life, but no clear effect on insomnia severity.

Music is safe and easy to administer!

The mood changes after listening to one of our favorite songs and reduces the stress levels accumulated during the day! Music helps you stay more focused, calm and relaxed. So let's listen to the music!


A randomized controlled trial of bedtime music for insomnia disorder.

Jespersen KV, Otto M, Kringelbach M, Van Someren E, Vuust P.

J Sleep Res. 2019 Jan 24:e12817

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