Who is BlueNyx recommended for?

BlueNyx is recommended for those who have problems falling asleep, possibly due to anxiety or stress, which are not serious or pathological, in this case a doctor should be consulted.

How long can it be taken?

There is no limit. However, as with any supplement, it is recommended to suspend the intake after a certain period.

BlueNyx is effective from the first assumption?

Usually yes but depending on the individuals it may be necessary to repeat the intake for at least 3-4 nights.

Taking BlueNyx before going to sleep can cause drowsiness the next day?

Normally no, indeed, the presence of vitamins and mineral salts contributes positively to energy metabolism and therefore to a natural and regenerated awakening.

Can i treat a child with BlueNyx?

Not children under 3 years old. However, for children and adolescents it is always advisable to consult your pediatrician first.

Can sleeping pills be replaced by BlueNyx?

Sleeping pills are medications prescribed by your doctor, before you stop them and replace them you should consult your doctor.

How should I take BlueNyx?

Drinking an entire vial just before bedtime or at any time of the night, without exceeding the recommended dose of 1 vial a day.

What the MGTS 3 Action formula is?

A formula, for which a patent application has been filed, which combines active ingredients that promote relaxation and sleep to vitamins and minerals.

What advantages does a liquid supplement offer?

Convenience of employment and fast assimilation.

At what times can I take BlueNyx?

Just before falling asleep, or during the night in case of awakening, without exceeding the recommended dose.

What is the advantage of having vitamins in the formula?

Vitamins and mineral salts are assimilated during the night and contribute positively to the energy metabolism, to reduce the sense of tiredness and to maintain the functionality of the immune system.

What is Gaba and what are its beneficial effects?

GABA, or γ-aminobutyric acid, is one of the main inhibitory neurotransmitters naturally produced by our body. What does it mean? It means that GABA, by binding to particular receptors, induces a series of reactions that ultimately translate into an inhibition of the Nervous System with an anti-anxiety and anti-stress effect.

BlueNyx is a help against jet-lag?

Certainly, melatonin in particular alleviates the effects of jet-lag.

Is BlueNyx addictive?

No, since it is not a drug it is not addictive.

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